Take It In Stride…

It is important to take everything in stride, even the most awful experiences you may experience. There is not always an immediate answer as to why you had to go through yet another unpleasant event. There is usually a lesson to be learned. What is unfortunate and sometimes hard to swallow is that the lesson may not be for you but for the one who slighted you. In short, there are some unpleasant events that will occur in our lives that will never be explained. We must do what we can to take it in stride and move forward.

Unexplainable Disappointments

Why are some people placed in our lives only to incite chaos? When the chaos passes we sit and wonder what we could have done differently or what the lesson is to be learned. Sometimes the lesson may be for the other person and not for us. Sometimes people are placed in our path because they long for something we have that they cannot grasp on their own. It’s up to us to realize this and not beat ourselves up over what we could have done differently. It’s up to us to let go and move on. We will be rewarded for being kind, genuine, and true to ourselves before we know it.


Sometimes all I want is to sit in silence. I want to hear me. My thoughts. My heart. My soul. No noise. No cell phone. No television. No music. Being alone is necessary for me. I need to recoup, regroup, and regenerate. In order for me to come out and play with the adults again, this has to be done. The act of solitude is as vital as sleeping or taking a breath. It is how I maintain my survival in this chaotic world we inhabit.